As we live in a time where quality is diminishing and unfortunately the ‘throw away’ mentality is the new norm, we only recommend and use the best, most suitable products on the market. In saying this, it is also a fact that things simply break down or have faults.

Servicing both a routine as well as new maintenance portfolio of over 1000 properties across domestic and commercial clients, real estates, body corporate companies, retail shops as well as offices, we pride ourselves in our detailed knowledge of the properties and their requirements within our existing client base as well as our prompt response to new clients, with our call back time being ‘immediate’.

This is where we believe it is of utmost importance to keep a regular maintenance schedule. If you are a client who is a large organisation, this may mean that our team routinely check / repair or replace parts as a preventative measure. With smaller clients we tailor this service to their individual requirements. This may mean a monthly walk around of the property repairing or replacing any faulty products, or it could mean there is just one light bulb to change. There simply isn’t a job that is too big or too small for our maintenance team.

Next time you find that your light/dimmer/sensor/timer needs replacing, the oven or hot water element/thermostat has failed, the power point is faulty (to list a few of the regular breakdowns that can and do occur), our professional team is ready, responsive and would be delighted to assist you.

Are your electrical systems being maintained for efficiency and safety? We can help!