Switchboard Repair & Replacement

Our number one priority is to keep you safe. Do you have old porcelain re-wireable fuses? If so, your switchboard is outdated and requires upgrading before any extra electrical items can be installed. This job entails us disconnecting and removing all old ceramic fuses and installing new circuit breakers and safety switches within new enclosures.

Why replace your old switchboard?

Old switchboards with re-wireable fuses do not have circuit breakers or safety switches, which have cost people their houses and/or their lives. The fuses are an over current protection mechanism for the cable of a given circuit; this is to protect the cable from both over heating, melting or causing fires. It is not there to protect you from electrocution. Many of these fuses are also rewired incorrectly by household members, installing larger fuse wires than the cable can handle, once again increasing the risk of fire.

Circuit breakers do the exact same job as a fuse with the difference being that they MUST to be installed by a licensed electrician and are a lot more sensitive than the fuse wire.

Safety switches are now mandatory on any new installations. These will cut the power off to the circuit in the event of any fault to an appliance or cable or in the event of an electrocution. In the event of an electrocution, the safety switch will cut the power out in 0.03 sec or 3milli amps. Whereas a circuit breaker or re-wireable fuse, will only cut the power once it has reached its current rating (eg. 10 or 20 amps, where 0.03 of an amp is sufficient to cause cardiac arrest if it persists for more than a fraction of a second!)

We are extremely experienced in switchboard repairs, upgrades and replacements. Contact us today for a FREE safety check. Our number one priority is you and your family’s safety.