And the Lord said … There shall be light! But which one?! Halogen or LED?

Gone are the days of the old halogen down lights, they cost 80% more to run with the ever sky rocketing cost of electricity. The lamp life of a halogen light is around 5,000 hours as opposed to LED, which is around 50,000. This is not to mention the ongoing maintenance problems of the halogen lamp replacement. Both the lamp holder and the transformer can and do overheat regularly, this is due to the external part of the lamp reaching temperatures between 500 – 900 degrees Celsius.

These temperatures have started house fires and called for a regulatory compulsory change of safety heat hoods to be installed around the lamp on any new halogen down light installations. It is recommended that all existing halogens without heat hoods either have heat hoods installed, or upgrade the light to LED.

This process can be expensive, with LED lights ranging anywhere between $10 – $100 each, however, this will ultimately save you both on your electricity and maintenance bills … Not to mention you have peace of mind that you have the safest product in your home.

Our professional team is more than happy to assist you with advice and guidance on the right type of light for your home, shop or office.