New Installations & Renovations

With over 18 years in the game, Nick understands how vital it is to get the planning stage of any new installation and renovation spot on, the first time. Partnering with Sydney’s leading designers, architects and builders, it will always be Nick who will do the initial sight visit consultation, providing accurate and transparent quotes as well as his professional advice on lighting design, layout, functionality and product selection.

Nick is well seasoned within this capacity, he also understands that with the majority of projects there is almost always unforeseen circumstances where changes of plans may be required. It is here where Nick and the Element team really shine. There are never issues with these changes, as our clients can vouch for. They are handled professionally and promptly in order to honour the project schedule.

For Nick and the Element team, right across all services provided, communication is key; but no where as important as within new installations and renovations, where we pride ourselves on our personal, unique collaborative approach and effective communication with clients, builders, architects as well as all fellow trades on site.

While changes are inevitable our advice is to PLAN… PLAN… PLAN… Once those walls and ceilings are completed, it gets trickier to make changes! Planning is also crucial for the compatibility of home automation, an area experiencing incredible growth in an increasingly technological world.

Our professional team is ready to assist you with your lights installation.